1690 AM

1690 AM

AM Broadcast Station - - 1 Watt Night Time Power

We had been talking about AM stations
with really low night time power
authorizations a while back.

I stumbled upon a weird one. There
is a WDGR that is 10 kW day, 2.5 kW

Not Part 15, But Check This Post Out: Weird, Daring, And Tricky Mars Probe To Try To Land Tonite

I LOVE space travel and aviation in
general. I think we are all sort of
"scientists" here, hence this post.

And it's REALLY FUNNY that I did not
know about this until my wife told me.

A Purpose

This is kind of a funny little
thing, but for the first time,
I feel as if my little station
has a purpose.

Right now it is 250 uV per meter
@ 3 meters on 90.9 MHz as per 15.239.


"Emergency, Emergency! Everybody to get from street!

"Emergency, emergency! Everybody to get from street!

(Oh, here's comes Carl Reiner.)

(I guess the movie's about half over...)

Low Power Hour #39 Is Out!!

Hi Guys!

I was over looking at Carl's
KDX radio website.

Low Power Hour #39 is out!

I haven't heard it yet, but
from his description, it looks
like it's a really good show.


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