1680 AM

1680 AM

Talking House 5.0 - Urban Setting Help!

This website has been very helpful and eye-opening. The fact that I can legally operate a Part15 AM station is a childhood dream come true.

Radio Free Eureka

Serving Eureka, a small neighborhood within the city of Shorewood, Minnesota, with old-time radio; and in the future, local programming.

Contact Name: 
Paul Sadek
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Transmit Range: 

Radio Free Eureka

Radio Free Eureka is on the air!

Liner/Promo and Zara

We would like to thank everyone including Dosman, Wilcom Labs, Carl Blare, and Mighty1650. Thanks for your help in fixing the problem we were having with our liners and promos. As you advised, we appended
the files (~0.wma) and that fixed it. We are now a happy set of part
15ers. Again, thanks for your help.

My Liner/Promo and ZaraRadio

Hello Everyone..

We're all having a headache here at Liberty 1680..just trying to figure
something out here. So here is the deal. At our station we're setting up


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