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1500 AM

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Using a CB Antenna for top 4 feet of a 3 meter long AM antenna

On a 3-meter long Mid loaded monopole antenna - there is a 4.4' element above coil. What about replacing that 4.4' element with a 4' CB antenna. Physical length sill under a meter by electrically it is like getting 4.5 more feet, allowing for a smaller loading coil.

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Ramsey AM1C problems

hey out there

I bought an Ramsey AMC1 transmitter kit and soldered it together
over a couple days. I connected a 9 foot piece of wire to the
rf out center pin in the rca jack and ran a short ground wire to
a cold water pipe. Long story short, the transmitter will broadcast
about three feet, and very quietly, meaning you can barely
hear the music going into the audio in. What is loud is a strong

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Loading coil chart for 10-ft broadcast AM vertical antenna


I made a loading coil chart for a 10 foot broadcast AM vertical antenna. So far, i made a chart between 1360 and 1710 kHz. Frequency lower than 1360 kHz is useless because of the lower radiating efficiency.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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