1610 AM

1610 AM

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Anyone got CD Players ?

I'm looking for some used Dual CD Players for my station.
Any of you ever come across these types of players ?

Numark type, with Dual CD Players that give a count down.
Thanks in advance :)

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Multi Transmitters for better range and a better station

Ok gang lets start some chat about syncing Multi transmitters.

For my station I want to cover all of Santa Cruz Ca.
but to do this I will need at least three transmitters.

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Sorry All

Guy's sorry I have been away for so long and sorry I missed the meeting.

However I will be able to make all the ones from now on.

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Earth Calling Johnny C

Johnny do you have a website for you're station ?

If so please drop the link so I can link it to my stations website .
for that matter any of you who would like to trade links , lets do so :)

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My Station

Hey Gang

I wanted to share some info for you all.
I took down my grounds tonight on my antenna and guess what.
It gets out better LOL.