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IVRadio/1630 is a Part-15-compliant radio station for the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, MA.

Check out our website for details about our station.

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Troubadour 1710

Established in April 2004, Troubadour 1710 airs a unique format of Folk and Acoustic, Americana, World, and New Age music. We are a 21st century step-child of the great, independently owned, commercial folk radio stations that thrived in central New England from the 1970's through the 1990's, such as WSLE (the Folks Station), WCAS, and WADN (Walden 1120).

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Jeffrey Gill
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90.5 FM

Back around 1960 I broadcasted over an Allied Radio, 3 tube, AM transmitter on 1160 AM from Westport, Connecticut. Fast forward to 2007. Although a ham radio operator, I love the feel of broadcasting on FM with with low power, with about 15 mw output into a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna aproximately 50 feet high. My station serves the Honey Creek subdivision area.

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E Gaulden
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WRSO 88.3 Radio Science Observing Network

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Virginia Beach

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This station is a very low power radio station that broadcasts around my house. Does not go far, but still follows part 15 regulations. Also the station plays everything from A to Z and uses a I Rock FM-400 mp3 transmitter connected to mixing equipment. We operate on 88.3 FM away from 88.1, 88.5 and 88.7 MHz This is GCC radio.

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100 feet

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