The term classical music refers to a number of different, but related, genres. Without any qualification, the usual meaning of "classical music" in the English language is European classical music (an older usage describes specifically the Western art music of the Classical music era). It can also refer to the classical (or art) music of non-Western cultures such as Indian classical music or Chinese classical music.

In a Western context, classical music is generally a classification covering music composed and performed by professionally trained artists. Classical music is a written tradition. It is composed and written using music notation, and as a rule is performed faithfully to the score. Art music is a term widely used to describe classical music and other serious forms of artistic musical expression, Western or non-Western, especially referring to serious music composed after 1950. In common usage, "classical music" often refers to orchestral music in general, regardless of when it was composed or for what purpose (film scores and orchestral arrangements on pop music recordings, for example).

90.5 FM

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Back around 1960 I broadcasted over an Allied Radio, 3 tube, AM transmitter on 1160 AM from Westport, Connecticut. Fast forward to 2007. Although a ham radio operator, I love the feel of broadcasting on FM with with low power, with about 15 mw output into a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna aproximately 50 feet high. My station serves the Honey Creek subdivision area.

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E Gaulden

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VCS Radio

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VCS Radio is part of the student-run Electro-Media program at Vacaville Christian High School (streaming-video VCS-TV being the other part). VCS Radio broadcasts on AM 1580 every day sunrise to sunset and streams 24/7 over the Internet. The format is mainly jazz, with some classical music and coverage of VCS sports, arts, and other school events.

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