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The AM Radio Band

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Non Radiating Ground Leads

It is well documented that a lengthy ground wire connecting an elevated transmitter to earth exceeds the 3-meter limit imposed by 15.219, and all schemes to circumvent this problem with lightning arresters or toroids have doubtful benefits.

There are two solutions being presented for consideration.

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Antenna advice for both FM and AM

Hello all, first time posting here. I have purchased both a SStran Amt3000 for AM transmitting to my old Tube Radios, I also purchased a Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0 to Transmit FM to my mp3 players, so I can listen to internet radio while out at my detached garage or in the basement where computers are not available.

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ALPB Rumors

Is it true what I've heard that Members of the ALPB will be issued navy blue blazers with gold ALPB medallions?

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Remote placement of ATU...

I have a question regarding the legality of transmitting through a REMOTELY located antenna/antenna tuning unit (similar to the ATU produced by Talking House).

I have had occasion to use one of the TH ATU's & have found it to be an impressive performing unit. I recall that ISS (Information Station Specialists) sold the complete kit which included a T.H. 5.0 transmitter, a length of coax & the T.H. ATU mounted in a kind of supplementary weatherproof enclosure.

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Will We Meet Jan. 18?

I skimmed through the postings and did not find a notice for Friday the 18th, so am I lost in a time warp or will there be a meeting or is it the wrong Friday or did I miss seeing a notice that's posted or am I imagining what's happening right now?

Have any women asked to see me?

I have some radio to bring to people, so we'll talk later.


I have returned after reading the Charter regarding Meetings. Here is what it says: