Part15 Radio Station Listings

Listings of Part 15 stations.
This is our list of user-contributed Part 15, Low Power Stations in the US and around the world. ALL station listings are moderated and need to be checked before they are published so there is sometimes a delay before a listing is publicly viewable. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support!


Station Name Frequency Genre State/Province Country
Harvard Community Radio 1700 AM Country Illinois United States
Lake Shore Radio 1650 AM Misc Texas United States
103.1FM INTERNET RADIO Internet, 103.1 FM Christian Music Connecticut United States
Predicando A Las Naciones 89.0 FM Gospel Connecticut United States
radio 103.1fm Internet, 103.1 FM Christian Music Connecticut United States
Radio 1670 AM Old-Time Radio Texas United States
EVL Radio 1620 AM Old-Time Radio California United States
Classic Car Gold -Oldies from 1954-79 1700 AM Oldies Oregon United States
Pinkrose Radio Misc Connecticut United States
Dade City Free Radio 1610 AM Old-Time Radio Florida United States
1490 E-AM 1490 AM Variety Pennsylvania United States
102.9-FM 102.9 FM Variety Massachusetts United States
The All Digital Radio Network Edgy Talk Illinois United States
KDX 1550 AM, 1670 AM, 101.9 FM Talk Missouri United States
News-Talk for Neenach 97.3 FM, 98.3 FM, 104.7 FM, 1610 AM Oldies, Old-Time Radio, Talk, News, Local News, Weather, World News, Political Talk California United States
The Crow - Good Time Oldies 1650 AM Oldies, Talk Texas United States
RADIO 89.0FM COUMMNITY RADIO 89.0 FM Gospel Connecticut United States
LIVEWIRE MUSIC NETWORK Internet Variety West Virginia United States
wfox am 1670 AM Variety Alabama United States
Liberty & Justice 1640 1640 AM, 87.9 FM, Internet Political Talk Massachusetts United States
98.5 98.5 FM Jazz, Oldies, Old-Time Radio Washington United States
Sewaren 1080 AM Rock New Jersey United States
RADIO 1610 1610 AM Variety Arizona United States
Glory 1570 AM Gospel Alabama United States
Heartlines Radio 91.5 FM Variety California United States