FM 105-five

FM 105-five, 10 milli-watts into a rat-tail antenna, broadcasts Classic Hits 24/7 from the office of Battle Rock Communications, Inc., North Bend, Oregon.

The station operates from studio facilities shared with The VO-Factory, a voice acting business. The station broadcasts at 105.5 FM stereo (full-time) Equpiment: Rivendell automation system running on Linux O/S, Ramsey FM-30B stereo transmitter @ <10.0mw input Home-brew "rat-tail" antenna, Behringer Ultramizer Pro audio processor, Behringer UB1002 Mixer, Denon AM-FM air monitor Bi-amp studio and air monitor speakers.

Broadcast area approx. 6 square blocks.

Station Callsign: 
FM 105-five



Contact Name: 
Marsh Johnson, Sr.
Transmit Range: