90.5 FM

Back around 1960 I broadcasted over an Allied Radio, 3 tube, AM transmitter on 1160 AM from Westport, Connecticut. Fast forward to 2007. Although a ham radio operator, I love the feel of broadcasting on FM with with low power, with about 15 mw output into a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna aproximately 50 feet high. My station serves the Honey Creek subdivision area.

As time and money permits I will add nostalgia to the program line-up, such as big bands and olde time radio broadcasts. Because of my extensive collection of classical and new age CD, the programming is "stuck" in that type of music, and not everyone likes that type of music. There are a lot of retirees in the area, and I'm sure they will appreciate a big-band, olde time radio stories, such as the Lone Ranger, Fibber McGee, etc.

UPDATE 2009:
Honey Creek Radio, FM 90.5 is now, not quite a Part 15 station. From electsky.com I have purchased a 1 1/2 watt transmitter. The broadcast distance was about 500 feet and is now about 3 miles.

Station Callsign: 
Honey Creek Radio 90.5


Contact Name: 
E Gaulden
Transmit Range: 
Contact Phone: