Transmitter on EBAY 13.560mhz (Purchased)

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Transmitter on EBAY 13.560mhz (Purchased)

So i sprung for this transmitter its not here yet but since nobody really specializes in 13.560mhz transmitters etc, i thought i like try it.. Yes it from Turkey but the gent seems very into building and he has a %100 rating on eBay.. Anyway if its crystallized perfect and the power level i know isn't as critical as the freq stability i know thats the FCC's stickler...

I will get it and open it up and let you guys know what i find..


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Radioham the Radio Dood

Several people here purchased

Several people here purchased that same transmitter a while ago and it was reviewed - you can probably find some of the posts.  Initially, he had some problems with it (mainly audio levels), but I suspect that we helped him debug it.

I'm very interested in getting an update to see how it works now.

Excellent to know!!

I will see if anything's been done since the last recommendations.



RADIOHAM the radio dood


AM 1680 KOIW Old Time

Older thread if you wanted to follow the last guy up...


AM 1680 KOIW Old Time

I have this transmitter and

I have this transmitter and another more professional build from Carter Laser Products in California. The Turkey transmitter you purchased is an OK entry level rig but expect some dissapointment as the fidelity and range are not very good. It will run on 12V so atleast youre not stuck with the 9V battery. Antenna tuning is critical or it will not transmit, the blue power indicator LED will burn out. The LED will also shutoff if the antenna is not matched.

Overall I like my CLP transmitter A LOT more but I haven't seen them build anymore since I bought mine. It uses PWM-Driven modulation and has a TPO of about 1 watt. The componants are also built on a breadboard instead of free-hand like the turkey transmitter. (I seem to recall it being either the same price or only slightly more than the Turkey rig)

Overall, the transmitter from Turkey will be a great introduction to part 15 shortwave but you'll eventually want to either beef it up or buy a better one.

The transmitter that Mighty

The transmitter that Mighty purchased was a one-of prototype - I remember seeing it on e-bay (and almost attempting to get it myself).

That makes sense, for some

That makes sense, for some reason I was under the impression they had built more at some point.

They really should consider making more, its a fantastic little transmitter. I'd go so far as to call it the Rangemaster of the shortwave band.

I bought the Turkey

I bought the Turkey transmitter myself, I just tuned it up into a Comet H422 I already had for HAM radio. Not too bad, I was able to hear it down the street off the whip on my Sony ICF-SW7600GR, didn't try it without AM sync though but it's nice being able to listen to things on shortwave still when the bands are dead. I regularily play the audio feed from WTWWs 5085 transmitter. I have a right angle PL259 connector so I might try using a spare 20m ham stick as a back of set whip for a portable setup and see how that goes, would be fun for hamfests/field days.


13,560 tx

hello and im glade to here that you like the 13.560 tx with pwm 

i only made 5 units for testing on a laser free space test link to modulate 

a laser link  i will layout a pcb to make more thanks robert carter 


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