RIP International Crystal

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RIP International Crystal

The mention of crystals in the thread about syncronized transmitters reminded me...

I saw this a few days ago:


I sure bought a lot of crystals from them back in my early ham days!



@Tim in Bovey

Me too. Especially during my Novice days. Always trying to find the right combination so I could run on other bands. :-)

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Yeah it's disappointing, I'd

Yeah it's disappointing, I'd like to grab a couple 1700s before they completely shut down but right now cant put out the cash. I think I read they'll continue selling whats left available for another month or so.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

This article about the

This article about the publics response mentions that Bomar and Anderson still sells them but for a considerably higher price (4 times the cost for some)

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Sorry to say....the days of

Sorry to say....the days of the quartz crystal appear to be numbered.....!!

When 2 meter FM was in its infancy, it seems like ALL the rigs were crystal-controlled..then frequency synthesis came along -- courtesy of the phase-locked loop and similar devices...

IIRC....the "rocks" that were used in early AM transmitters -- and temperature-compensated in ovens (Blily comes to mind....!!) were housed in ceramic cases, like the early FT-243's...

I ordered a crystal for my Belar FMM-2 from ICM about 2 months ago...Glad I didn't wait longer!!

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