Working Talking House Transmitter Wanted

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Working Talking House Transmitter Wanted

Hello! I am a 14-year-old named Justin Walters, and I am new to this server! I am looking for a working Talking House set with everything included in box when it was new because I want to start my radio show called Justin Says again. The stuff includes the antenna, the microphone, and the transmitter. 

But there is just one thing:

I am looking for a set for free, so if anyone just wants to give their model away, let me know. I am so sorry that I will not be able to pay anything, but I am having to start with a budget of $0.

You may find it challenging

You may find it challenging to find a free transmitter (including shipping, since your budget is 0$).

Here's another thought.  Until you do, or until you can afford to buy one, why don't you start your show online.  There are plenty of free software packages that would allow you to stream (or create a podcast), and all you would need is a computer (which easily can be picked up for free or almost free if you don't already have one) and some sort of microphone.

Just a thought.

[If you are going to be playing any sort of copyrighted music, you will need a music license, either for streaming or over-the-air]

Startup advice

I'm making the transition from podcasting to Part 15 and I've had a Talking House for about a month or two definitely need something to sending live or recorded audio to the Talking House (when you get one, and an antenna does come with it), otherwise you'll have only a five minute loop of content. If you already have a computer, you'll need a cable that has an 1/8th (what most people call headphone size) male end and an phono (RCA jack) male end. 1/8th goes in the computer's headphone input (not the microphone input because you may need that for the microphone you'll use. The other end goes into the "Direct Input or Live Input" on the Talking House, depending on which model you have. I'd suggest using a laptop because you can setup almost anywhere and have a 1 mile or so radius that people can walk up or drive up and listen to what you're airing. As far as microphones go, I'd use a computer headset if you're just going to use only a laptop or desktop computer, but if you have other audio equipment (CD players, mics, etc...) you want to use alongside a computer, then you'll need a cheap audio mixer (and there are cheap ones if you know where to look) to hookup to the Talking House and then hookup your audio equipment to the mixer. Put aside about $500 to $600 to cover everything you might need to start with. A mixer you could find for between $20 to $50 dollars if you know where to look, the Talking House (minus the elusive ATU units) for around $50 to $100 either from the Talking House website or Amazon or eBay, microphones for around $20 to $50 if you know where to look, about $20 to $50 for audio cables you may need, and $100 to $200 dollars for a Windows 7 laptop from a pawn shop or refurbished online. Of course if you already have some stuff, your budget you need to save will shrink. If you already have a computer and a microphone, you can take Artisan's advice and podcast. Download Audacity (it's free) and use that program to record and edit your podcasts, then upload your "podcasts" to Soundcloud (also free). You could even podcast after you get the Talking House up and running, which is what I'm doing now. Also to get money to put into getting new equipment, try and get people you know who own their own businesses to advertise on your podcasts.

I think you could acheive

Justin, I think you could acheive what you want to do for under $100. I am assuming you already have a computer, all you really lack is a transmitter and microphone.

A brand new Talking House is now only $49, you can get a brand new cheap but acceptable microphone for $20-$30, maybe less. The transmitters antenna in this case is just a long wire that comes with it.

Even if some one here had an extra transmitter they don't use they would be willing to give away, I doubt they would want to spend their own money to send it to you too. I suggest mowing a few lawns or doing some other side jobs, it would'nt take long to earn enough to get you started.

I hope you do. I think you'd enjoy it tremendously and we'd all be interested in following your progress. Good luck.


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