For Sale: ChezRadio ProCaster

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For Sale: ChezRadio ProCaster

I have available for sale a near new, original, ChezRadio ProCaster.  I purchased this around 10 years ago, and it was one of the first ones produced by ChezRadio - at the time I ordered 3, and this is my last one  (it was a backup - I've just used it for testing purposes).  I'm selling it rather cheaply, as it may have a problem (then again, it may not).

It works fine with the onboard audio processing switched out (i.e., off).  When I switched it in, there appeared to be a problem in the audio (a whine).  Now, this very well could be RF getting into the audio processing circuitry, as my ground was poor (it was mounted in my garage - I'm not allowed to have an outside antenna where I live) and the ground itself could have contributed to the noise (it was a metal bar that was part of the automatic garage door opener).  It could also be a capacitor that has gone due to age and non-use.

I haven't bothered to track down the problem, as FM works better given my housing situation (never mind that I'm governed by BETS-1).

So I'm going to let it go for US$150 plus US$25 shipping (to either the US or Canada).  It comes with the original pipe antenna, manual, studio audio input module and I believe a 75 foot length of CAT4 cable (it might be 50 feet, I haven't measured it) to connect the studio module to the transmitter.  You'll need to provide a power supply (12 volt), audio cable to your programming source, etc.

Even if there is something wrong with the audio processing, at this price you can get it fixed (or fix it yourself) and still have a relatively inexpensive, high end, AM transmitter that is Part 15 certified - ChezRadio has a fixed price for servicing these (I've used it in the past, but I'm not sure what the cost is these days).  Or you can just use it as is, and do your audio processing outboard from the transmitter.

Paypal payment only, please.

If you're interested, please contact me through the Forum.  If it doesn't sell, I'll be putting it up on e-bay, however, I'd prefer that it go to someone here who'll use it (and I'll probably ask for more on e-bay).


Sold for $175 send me your paypal info i won't get to it till tonight mountain time

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Sounds good.  I'll look for

Sounds good.  I'll look for the payment.



A day late

Always a day late and $150 short lol


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