Belar Modulation & Stereo Monitor Outfit For Sale

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Belar Modulation & Stereo Monitor Outfit For Sale

I have decided to no longer hold onto these. I now have two new Inovonics monitors and can't imagine I will ever need this outfit again.

Includes the Belar FM Monitor FMM-2, Stereo Monitor FMS-2 and the RF Amp model RFA-1. All were removed from service about a year ago, working, although they had been in service for at least 10 years since last calibrate and recap, so probably due for a tuneup.  All presently setup for 96.9 MHz. Changing frequency involves purchasing a crystal and a simple tuning proceedure. 

Included are very nice reprints of all the manuals in nice binders, as well as power cords. Interconnecting coax may or may not be included, depending on if I find them. 

Price is FIRM at $250 which INCLUDES shipping via USPS to anywhere in the 48 states. 




Don't know if you've posted these on the "Bay".....but I GUARANTEE they'll sell FAST!!

Bought my FMM-2 there a couple of years ago....and ended up selling it for MORE than I paid in the first place!!:)

Like you....I replaced the Belar with an Inovonics 531 and have never looked back!!

Good luck with the sale!!


I'll list 'em on ebay if no one here wants 'em in the next few days.  I've been hanging on to far too much gear over the years and these are stacked up in a spot that's generally known as "the wife's shelf". LOL.  And I just can't see me ever needing to use them again.



your tempting me Tim,

your tempting me Tim,


how much do you figure it would cost to move these to 90.7?

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When I bought my FMM-2 (used)

When I bought my FMM-2 (used) it was set up for 103.1 --- A new 91.9 crystal from Belar cost $75 (price as of 2016) and swapping it in was a simple plug-in. There's a slug you tune to get a peak reading.....and that's basically it!

Belar MAY NOT have crystals for EVERY frequency in stock -- and may not be able to get them!

International Crystal Mfg. (ICM) might be a source -- and at a lower price, too!!

Good Luck!

Not sure ...

I'm not sure on the cost. I haven't changed one over for ages.  I used to be able to get crystals from another engineer for about $10-15 dollars. He still has some but he doesn't have 90.7.  I believe you need two crystals -- one for the amp, one for the monitor.  Unless you're either close enough to the signal, or taking a direct feed that you don't need the amp. 

There should be someplace to track them down.  I haven't looked for years. 


You are correct......the RFA

You are correct......the RFA-1 does require a crystal for the A2 (oscillator) this case, the crystal frq. would be 101.4 MHz (10.7 MHz ABOVE carrier freq. of 90.7)....

An RF sampling device is always an option....but you have to have sufficient RF to feed it with enough level for adequate drive for the monitor....

The FMM-2/FMS-2/RFA-1 "package" sold for more than $6000 (!!) when new....If I had the spare change I'd buy it...... just to HAVE it as a working spare for the Inovonics....!!:)

still have it?

I may be needing this if an lpfm license comes through.

Still have it....

Just yesterday I was thinking that I should put this outfit on ebay. It's taking up a chunk of needed shelf space.   I can hold off for a while, let me know. 



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