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For me and Artisan mostly. The new amendment for RSS-210 dated Nov. 2017 does not include the subsection that it did before about if your modulation is FM and you are on the odd frequencies you can have 100uV/M@30meters like BETS-1. I called about this and was told that any amendment that supercedes another replaces an older one and if that isn't mentioned IT IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT.........  Section B9.  So  RSS-210 is THE SAME as FCC part 15 and the issue 7 section A2.8 subsection B doesn't apply anymore.


Follow up

Follow up.....Also found out that a transmitter certified on a date and time when a certain rule was in effect that rule applies even though there was a change or amendment at a later date. So the Broadcastvision/Waio transmitter's certification date was back in 2007 so that standard in effect at the time of certification stands for that item.

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