New and improved this may be like the GE superadio

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New and improved this may be like the GE superadio

Has continuous wide band adjust for AM and long range reception.

I've heard the C Crane is a good radio.

The C Crane was created to fill the void left by the discontinued GE Superadio series.  It looks like a good choice.   I  borrowed a GE Superadio 2 which

was amazing.  I own a Superadio 3  -

which is very good, but not as good

as the Superadio 2.  I also had a

Radio Shack clone which was only

fair.  I hated it at the time and trashed

it.  20 or so years later I regret that.  It

might have still been useful during

a power outage or whatever.

I think RCA made a GE Superadio 3

clone for a while.  Physically identical

to the SR-3 - - it was said to

be inferior.  I don't know the

fine points involved there.

The Superadios and it's 

clones have a gigantic 

following and a fascinating

history.  There was even a

Superadio with a digital display.

Very few were made.  Apparently

it was a bad performer because

it was discontinued almost 

immediately after it got out

to the shelves in the stores.

I just decided to replace the

6 D cells in my SR-3 yesterday.

Be sure to pay attention to the

battery voltage/condition in these

great radios folks.  A friend of mine

lost a beautiful Sony

ICF-2010 to dreaded

battery acid




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