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Look at this tuner

If all radios could be made like this! AM that sounds like FM, special patented technology to get rid of the electrical noise and to receive distant AM stations. This along with the FM performance. A radio that actually cares about AM?

If more radios were like this and people had them our hobby would work so much better even with our limited field strength.




Pretty big wish!

If radios were like this and IF people bought them.

I have one of these Carver 11a's in the attic. Haven't used it in years.  Those AM benefits are only applicable when receiving AM stereo. I haven't been within 200 miles of an AM stereeo station in nearly 40 years. That's why it's been in the attic.  That and I much prefer a receiver with knobs than all those pushbuttons.

That receiver, 30+ years ago when it was new sold for about $730.  In today's dollars that's $1,580.  I'm betting you can pick up a pretty good AM radio for $1500 bucks!

Convincing John Q. Public to drop that kinda dough on a radio so he can hear a Part 15 station is not likely. I would venture to say that the percentage of the population that's even aware of Part 15 broadcasting and has a desire to hear it at all is so statistically tiny that it's not even measurable. now, in a given area with a station, the locals may know about it, might even listen. But compared to the population total, it's a number so small it doesn't matter.




Now THATS a radio. I've found

Now THATS a radio. I've found tube radios also seem to reject noise rather well.

Oh... Carver. Wow

I think this is one of really great FM DX

machines.  Is that right?

I have a Kenwood KT-8300 from the mid

to late 1970s that has a deviation meter.

I use the meter for the Part 15 yardcaster

here.  I think the 8300 was around 500 bucks

in 1978.

Brooce, Part 15 Hartford CT

Misc. Note: I just yardcast on FM.

All of the distance experiments

are done with the AM transmitter stuff.


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Tuners like this and other comparable ones can be had on Ebay used and working fine for around $100 and can be played through any decent sounding bluetooth speaker like Bose that all have direct audio cord hook up also.

Not out of reach price wise for anyone.



i have the TX11B got it free

i have the TX11B got it free

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Carver Receivers

I had a Carver receiver around 1993 or so.  This thing had great FM reception that I can tell you.  It didn't have AM Stereo however but the AM reception was not too bad.


Along with the receiver I had Carver's 3D stereo generator.  This made it sound like you had rear speakers and on some albums it really had a nice effect.


The only down side is the known "Carver Hum" that you would hear at low volume.

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