Winamp and Linein

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Winamp and Linein

Ever want to have audio from, let's say, Zara Radio but have its audio go through stereo tool? Well here's how I figured out how to do it! 

First, you'll need virtual audio cable. 

Second, set up a line in patch on winamp. To do that, go into your playlists and at the bottom, click "add" and "add URL" and type in linein:// and there you go! 


Thirdly, set up your VAC (virtual audio cable) in zara radio to have zara radio's audio go through "CABLE Input" which will in turn, have the linein on winamp play the zarar radio audio via your VAC. 


There you go! Zara Radio audio going through winamp and (if you, and you should have it, stereo tool)