What did you do to your Part 15 station today?

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ok i have a backup deal in place with the same guy

in case the primary deal fals through so it appears either way i will wind up with an optimod 9100 stereo for my carrier current station :-)


the inovonics 235 will be relagated to an auxiliary part 15.219 site with my procaster or as a backup to the optimod.

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Today I worked on program updates and yesterday I had a guest!

Yesterday, while I was recording the daily weather update.  One of my friends came in with his 12 year old son.

He is kind of shy.  But I asked him if he wanted to record the weather update for me.

He wasn't sure, but I wrote the script out for him and let him read it a couple of times. 

I didn't make him put the headphones on, but my production audio monitor and mic setup lets me run the background while recording.

He got it right in two takes!!   We put it in the hourly the weather cue for the day.  Later his dad called me to say when they stopped at the grocery store down the street an hour or two later, it was airing and his son's eyes lit up when he heard his voice.  

He didn't realize other people really could hear it!  It made my day!!

Other than that, my transmitter loves cold weather.  It was 11 degrees here last night coldest temps we have had in years.  The transmitter was booming all over town.  It is today also. 

Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

What a lovely experience for

What a lovely experience for a young boy.  This is why I may try the Spitfire and AM.


This is why I'm passionate about Real Range for Hobby Broadcasting.

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Lovely experience.

I agree.  I remember my first encounter with radio when I was not much older than him.  I never forgot it.  And though I did not end up in commercial broadcast, radio and technology has been a large part of my life ever since.

If and when I finally get things formalized here with a plan to get licensing, a community radio focus with interaction from our younger generations is on the list of things that I hope we accomplish.



Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

Back to the subject....I'm on

Back to the subject....I'm on air now, playing music.  Right now, it's New Edition - If It Isn't Love.  :)

Matt Boland

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What I DID TO my Part 15 Station

I unplugged the Spitfire and put it in its box. I took the 3.5 plug and plugged into a T-200 FM Transmitter. Similar to the CCrane. Man! So far I love this thing! I opened the testing with 10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe CD. That's playing now...



You could feed the spitfire

You could feed the spitfire with an FM radio as a simulcast.

"T-200" FM Transmitter

From Reply 247: I took the 3.5 plug and plugged into a T-200 FM Transmitter. ... Man! So far I love this thing! ...

An ebay page as of today offers an "LCD CZH-T200 0.2 Watt Portable FM Transmitter Stereo Power Broadcast 87~108MHz."

Just to note that if this is the transmitter you refer to, its advertised power (either d-c input or r-f output power) of 0.2 watts is FAR more than needed to meet the radiated field limit given in FCC §15.239, most likely even with the short antenna it includes.

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Actually, the audio comes from this:

I use one channel to drive the Spitfire's input. I may use channel 2 for that. Not sure I'll need AM...


If I've seen that CZH 200

If I've seen that CZH 200 transmitter, it's the portable one with the rubber dick antenna and uses a Lithium battery right? I thought that was an interesting design, but it seems to be for PA use and guided tours, and runs just off of battery, where I'd want something that plugs into a USB type 5 volt source from a computer or adapter.

The ad I saw said that the Machine can be turned down to .01 watt, and the battery life time is > 10 hours.

I've always liked the idea of

I've always liked the idea of AM/FM simulcasts for part 15, makes our stations look bigger ;)

I have a household/neighborhood FM simulcast for my AM that I turn on from time to time, not an official FM that anyone but me knows about... Theres just something about simulcasting that I like.

On a related note I plan on adding an AM stereo simulcast on 1610 and possibly a low-band simulcast on 950 or 1470. (Pending on what transmitter I use, 950 would be for a tube transmitter)

Blowtorch Output

"Just to note that...its advertised power...of 0.2 watts is FAR more than needed to meet the radiated field limit given in FCC §15.239..."

Haa hahaha! I know, right? LOL! But it's nice on the lower settings. As I told Legacy, I'm not trying to be a Pirate. Just cover the building I'm in. So far, I've not done any range tests. The thing is indoors, sitting on a shelf. On setting 2 it covers this building. 3 other people and me. Have not checked the neighborhood yet.


What I wonder Dugger, is can

What I wonder Dugger, is can you completely run the transmitter as a base type unit, from USB or 5 volt adapter, no battery needed?

I'm looking for a new little sound feeder transmitter for around the house, something to plug into a computer or other devcie and have it relay what's playing on the gadget to FM radios around the house.

It's a function that I use a lot, and had this simple transmitter that was a Matchbox size un- named black plastic box with black wire antenna, about 6x4 cm and jacks for mini USB power and 3.5 mm stereo plug. You popped open the box and set the frequency on DIP switches, for a set at the bottom of the band and top of the band, going by a chart.

It was the simplest thing, small and perfect for what I needed, and cost about $7, but I can't find them for sale any more. Sellers move their wares to other venues it seems, but I'm looking for alternatives. I'd rather save the 35.00 for one of those 200s and get 4 of the little black boxes just to have them.

Anyone try the transmitter card with blue readout, and digital stereo generation yet? They're all over for around $4, a hacker style tiny open board with no case.

That's what I'm doing with my Partt 15 station, trying to improve feeds to different areas of the house including AM transmitters, got that idea from Carl Blare. I'd also like to test Rich's AM with counterpoise only that was proposed in that other thread, using LPFM as a feed for the "floating" transmitter on batteries.

I originally had my stepmom

I originally had my stepmom buy the CZE-T200 transmitter so that she could on low power transmit her smartphone into her car stereo or boombox. I thoroughly tested this transmitter and it will run off the USB cord that comes with it plugged into a computer. Plus you can use a standard cell phone charger and it will run 24/7. Also if you read the manual when you plug it in it will automatically switch to the lowest power setting which again is 0.1 milliwatt. (Yes you can still turn it up). That equals about 10 nano Watts. Remember that it was suggested per Rich that 11.43 Nano Watts to meet part 15: 239.


I know a lot of you folks in the park 15 Community are stuck on certified part 15: 239 FM transmitters. However at the lowest power setting on this transmitter I have tested with several different radio you will get a range of around 200 feet. The second setting should allow you to broadcast through a building and get out a little bit outside. In any case I don't think that you will be in any danger unless again as I suggest any FM transmitter inside a major radio Market will put you in danger I don't care if it's A C Crane or a whole house FM transmitter 3.0 somebody is going to try to take you down if there a radio engineer in a Major Market that's just the way it is.   sorry I sorry I don't have web links to prove my last statement about radio engineers. Just a hunch from stories I have gotten from other people.

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0.1 mw is 100 microwatts or

0.1 mw is 100 microwatts or 100,000 nanowatts.  You'd have to measure the field strength to determine if it's legal. We don't know how much attenuation there is, but 100,000 nanowatts with a dipole is definitely not legal.


I have to wonder if engineers would even notice a low power transmitter like we're talking about in a major city. In a place like LA, SOCAL, there are so many powerful signals that many radios don't even work right, just a mash of intermod across the dial, so if anything, I think your low power transmitter would just be jammed out.

I'm thinking of making a VFO oscillator transmitter from Wenzell to test Ric'hs idea for the counterpoise only ground, and just run a tone into it for test modulation.

I'd venture to guess a

I'd venture to guess a transmitter under a watt would likely go unnoticed for quite some time, if not forever. The usual reason illegal operators get caught is due to interference of some kind.

Ya Gotta Ask Yourself....

Installing an FM..."Do I care about ninny-watts, point-zero whatever, OMG-am-I-breakiing-the-law? What about 250 Mickey-Vol-yules per 7 feet off the ground..." GAWD! I ain't even worried about it.

Even at 1/5th of a watt, this thing is no threat. I have no desire to go 24/7. But I'd buy another one of these ST-200 units in a heartbeat! One recharges and the other one plays. I like the battery idea. There is NO hum! It's as clean as my Veronica. In fact...

That's what I did today...recharged it last night, signed on this morning at's going now. So, Legacy...thank you for pushing me in this direction! It's this, or a CCrane-FM2. I got a better deal with this.


i just put my procaster

on my frineds 3rd story balcony in the next complex over to extend my range just a little bit more. it's linked via internet and a barix setup. covers his building, pool, weight room, and office there very well and then my carrier current here serves about 1/2 this complex. i still need a remote site up near our off/pool/weight room.

the remote site is on 1620 the main site is 1630 and i still have another Barix and BV FM TX i can make use of if i ever find a site close to the office of our complex.

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Hindsight is 2020

I'm not a democrat or a republican, i'm a common sense moderate progressive


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 glad you came to the  Elite

 glad you came to the Elite section of my site and read the test reports. Now on to the subject of the Spitfire AM transmitter:


 I have been thinking about trying to simulcast my station on AM as well as FM  for several reasons. As you know trees and different obstructions will affect FM where as AM certain obstructions don't affect that so in the areas where people can't hear me on FM they might have a chance on AM  The Spitfire transmitter seems to be a nice little unit and from what I can tell is easy to set up. I've listened to some of the audio test on YouTube and it does sound a lot better than the Talking House version 5. That being said without the hum there might be a chance. I've been looking around to see different prices of these transmitter so that I could try and save up for that as well.


 Today on my station I got a lot of requests. Most of it was due to the fact that today is New Year's Eve. Lots of folks are really enjoying some great album Rock tonight.

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Asking Yourself

About Reply 259 (Radiodugger):  Installing an FM ... "Do I care about ninny-watts, point-zero whatever, OMG-am-I-breakiing-the-law?  What about 250 Mickey-Vol-yules per 7 feet off the ground..." GAWD!  I ain't even worried about it.  Even at 1/5th of a watt, this thing is no threat. ...


That is your stated point of view, Radiodugger, but just to note that the FCC has cited MANY operators of unlicensed FM transmit installations that were non-compliant with §15.239.

While the risk of such FCC citations might not worry you, Radiodugger, it might (should?) worry others who read and accept your posts.

Naughty Me

Yeah, Rich...can't argue with ya. But hey, I'd just fire up the Veronica at the full tilt boogie, if I was really wanting to broadcast! But no. Did that. I'm really happy with the little yard-caster. It's indoors, ready to use, and I doubt at the level I have it set for, it'll cause any trouble...unless...

Someone complains. I cannot imagine someone doing that. That would be the lowest. Not because I am causing interference. I checked that. Nope. A person would complain simply becauce they felt I am not "following the rules". To the (expletive)-ing letter! I despise that sort of person.

But, that said, I do not recommend a person buy or use  anything that is suspected of being incompliant with our illustrious Rule Makers! No, NO! Be GOOD kids..


One reason I wanted to make

One reason I wanted to make sure that the LOWEST setting didn't go too far was because my Stepmom is not technically savvy.  I didn't want her broadcasting oldies from her smartphone and several cars down the road get their favorite station jammed while she merrily listens to Frank Sanatra.  That being said the low setting does quite well for the yard, pool and maybe the house/appartment next door and then fades to nothing but static.


I preset the power to the lowest and when my Stepmom starts her car (with the cigarette lighter plug into the TX guess what default to Low Power so even if she was to somehow change to High or the second level she would not really know how to do it again.


My Stepmom is not interested in running a Radio Station with it but wanted to listen to her oldies and easy listening music in the summer at the pool.  She has even brought it to the gym and worked out and the folks in the office listened to what she played through the transmitter.  This is what part 15 is for simple short distance like this.  Inside a building your signal gets attenuated so outside the gym I doubt its going to the end of the sidewalk someday I'll see if it really is.

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That is setting 3. It complies with the 3-meter antenna, and 100 mw into the final. It covers two houses to the left and right of me, across the street, the cul-de-sac...and that's it. I have not ridden in a car yet. 

I am curious if this makes it downtown. I'd be surprised. I'd turn it down a notch. To 10 mw. As I said, this thing is surprising. I like that it's switchable to MONO if desired. I like the power settings. I can't think of any reason to use full power (1/5th of a watt). But the CCrane FM2 cranks up to 200

Thing is...seeing the discussion on the Fail Safe CZH-0B FM transmitter, I did a search. Just to see what is being BOUGHT. little 200 mw ST-200 is NOTHING! My gosh...the FCC is NOT going to be able to handle this...I see why the states stepped in, like Florida and New York, making illegal broadcasting a FELONY!

Look at the 'Bayster! Damn it. Amazon! Holy - type in...FM broadcast transmitters...on  eBay. OK...first one listed @ Buy It Now

5W/15W PLL FM Transmitter Radio Stereo Station...

FIVE watts MINIMUM? WTF??? And you know these dolts will crank the max 15 watts...with nary a thought of a limiter...or 15 watts? I bet we got corned beef and hash! Over-mod at 15 watts and it's a guaranteed NOUO...HA! They're gonna be BUSY!

And they are desperate to sell these things! Look-a THIS:

I about fell off my chair! Not one! Freakin' TEN! With everything!

  • 10 x 5W/15W FM Transmitter
  • 10 x Power Adapter
  • 10 x Telescopic Antenna
  • 10 x Audio Line
  • 10 x English Manual  

I shake my head ruefully. I don't EVEN want to hear &*^%  about my liltte 100 milliwatts! 


And the thing is...

These are not allowed in China either....I think China's rule for FM is 1 or 2 mW(not field strength there). These are made there for the pirate market or for places where there aren't rules, where ever that is? In New Zealand these are illegal too.




The Bottom Line

Just to note that in the U.S.A., the operator of an unlicensed AM/FM setup risks an FCC citation if the FCC measures that setup to be non-compliant with FCC Part 15 -- whether or not the transmitter used in that setup was granted Part 15 FCC certification.

The 100mW and 3 meter antenna

The 100mW and 3 meter antenna restriction is for AM only, not FM.

Haven't posted anything here in a while.. but, Live365 is alive?

Today I received what may be percieved as good news for some.   Rumors have been circulating that Live365 was coming back. 

I signed up on their website a month ago to be put on the waiting list so I could move my streaming and royalty payments to their facilities.

Today I had the invitation to sign up in my email.  No details yet on what problems I will encounter, but I will bring everyone up to date when I get the process started and when the stream goes live.  I will probably not do that today, but I will dedicate time to it this week.

I consider this a big step for those of us that have been looking for solutions to handle streaming and royalty issues at a reasonable cost.

I am actually a wee (in spirit of the Irish)  bit excited about this. 


Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

Today I setup Live365 for streaming...

and it was fairly easy.  I have a local Icecast2 server I have been using as a test bank.  I merely added a stream encoder in Altacast and directed it at the appropriate Live365 server.  I was working in minutes.  They updated their website within a couple of hours to show my station, with my temporary logo and artwork (don't laugh).

Costing is tiered,  starting at around $60 per month including royaties and streaming.  Visit their website for details.

I am still cleaning up some advertisement triggers and working on some things with a few pre-recorded shows I am hoping to run.  I am also working on album art.  In early days we didn't worry about that when we recorded an album. Now it is nice to see it display when available.

My website is   There are links there to take you to the listening portal.

I will create a Facebook page later this week. 

And I still have the ongoing multiple transmitter project I am working on. 

Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

Did a drive test of my signal

Did a drive test of my signal on 1650 AM today.  I find that the station can be heard up to about 1,600 feet away.


Matt Boland

1650 AM, "Radio Free Connecticut"


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