Unauthorized intentional radiator

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Unauthorized intentional radiator

Hi! Maybe this is not the right forum,but I've been googling around and can't find a proper answer. I found a transmitter module ( which shows an FCC ID, but that FCC ID can't be found in the FCC ID search form:

Does that mean that the device is not authorized yet?

First Opinion

It seems to me that the Certification Tag on the transmitter can only exist if the transmitter has been certified by the FCC.

Perhaps under Chairman Aijet Pai the clerical work of getting the certification entered into the database is slacking.

Carl Blare

Modular RF Components

Components such as this are intended to be integrated into other equipment and the responsibility for certification then belongs to the final manufacturer.  This is because the final manufacurer ususally supplies their own antenna system.

There can be exceptions such as when the module has its own antenna on the PC board.  If this is the case then the FCC number would be a certification number.



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