A-Train's favourite albums for 2016 (play em on your station!)

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A-Train's favourite albums for 2016 (play em on your station!)

A-Train's favourite albums for 2016. I do this every year; I list the albums I was listening to the most this year, some specifically released this year, some not. This are albums that mean a ton to me, and ones I will forever connect with the year 2016.


I urge you to listen to these in their entirety.

It is NOT a "best to least" list. It is not. There is no way I could say any of these are better than the others. So here we go.

1. "Choose Your Weapon"- Hiatus Kaiyote

2. "Elohim"- Elohim (released this year)

3. "Souvlaki"- Slowdive

4. "Until The Hunter"- Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions (released this year)

5. "Donuts" - J Dilla

6. "Shame" - Petal

7. "Dummy"- Portishead

8. "Blood Lust"- Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

9. "White Album"- Weezer (released this year)

10. "Journey In Satchidananda"- Alice Coltrane

11. "Lord Of Misrule"- Blood Ceremony (released this year) 

12. "Desire's Magic Theater"- Purson (released this year)

13. "Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls"- Coven 

14. "Wake Up! It's Tomorrow"- Strawberry Alarm Clock

15. "Still They Pray"- Cough (released this year)

16. "Rain Dogs"- Tom Waits

17. "Remain In Light"- Talking Heads

18. "Witchcult Today"- Electric Wizard

19. "Floral Shoppe"- Macintosh Plus (a e s t h e t i c)

20. "2814 - 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day"- Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t h

Now go and play them!


They are all on youtube if I am not mistaken. I know you will love at least one of them!

Strawberry Alarm Clock

Is this the same band from the late 60s who had the hit "incense and pepperments"?

If so I have some of this already.



I think Strawberry Alarm

I think Strawberry Alarm Clock was in the Psych Out movie.. Yup I checked and their song from the movie was "Pretty Song". Glad to see Portishead is still making waves, and yes, I've heard/played some of these bands, and som others look interesting, thanks!

Glad that we're discussing more about programming here lately, rather than just how far a transmiter goes, though it's all lots of fun.

More Interesting Music

I too like these kinds of posts.

Here is some of the music I've been enjoying over the past year.

1.  Bongwater - You Don't Love Me Yet (Single).  While all their music is worth a listen (not to everyone's tastes, however), this was a great cover of a great Roky Erickson tune.

2.  And continuing on from that, anything by Roky Erickson's first band, Thirteenth Floor Elevators.  He went on to front a number of other bands; one of my favorite songs from this later era is I walked with a Zombie, by Roky Erickson & the Aliens, and covered by REM in the 90s.

3.  Frank Zappa - Virtually anything by, but particularly Sheik Yerbouti.

4.  Lost Jukebox.  A series of about 200 CD's, compiling obscure mid to late 60s and early 70s music.  From music that deserved to be forgotten, through to great songs by virtually unknown bands.

5.  Lenny & Squiggy Live at the Roxy.  Recorded when the Laverne & Shirley TV show was at the height of its popularity, David Lander & Michael McKean (pre Spinal Tap) got together for one performance in L.A.  Absolutely hilarious (and great music as well).

6.  For something a bit different, the movies This Is Spinal Tap (making fun of 70s Hard Rock Bands) and The Rutles - All You Need is Cash (a parody of the Beatles).

7.  Teen DooWop Collection.  A series of 70 CD's compiling obscure teenage oriented music from the 50s and early 60s.  Other similar compilations include Sweet Days (36 CD's), Teenage Treasures (15 CD's), Girls Archive (20 CD's) and Teenage Dreams (over 40 CD's).  Most of these are imports from Europe, so they contain a lot of good stuff from that era that never made it to North America.

Good listening!

 13th 13th floor elevators is

 13th 13th floor elevators is one of the bands that I play on The Legacy. Glad to hear that you like some of those great album rock bands never knew that about you.

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