A-Train celebrates National Radio Day on WCFI

I've been a tad quiet on here, haven't I? Anyway, my friend Andy and I are going to be on MRAM's on LPFM station WCFI 96.1 tonight LIVE at 10pm EST till midnight celebrating the wonders of radio with great music and sub-par commentary. 


It's a blast! heard here online at http://wcfi.myl2mr.com/

Carl Blare's picture

Hello Anthony.  I just talked about you the other day during a conversation about freedom of speech on radio, the ability to speak one's mind and express criticism.

You are the part 15 premier in this area dating from your RANT programs which left no language unturned in letting the world know your opinion.

Maybe transmitter sales would pick up if more people knew they could take the mic and broadcast their complaints.

Tune to WCFI tonight and hear what Atrain and Andy have going on.

Carl Blare