***off topic*** My band completed our debut album

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***off topic*** My band completed our debut album

As some of you may know, I am the drummer in our band Petal Aggression. I've been playing the drums since I was two. Anyway, we have finished our debut album "Phonic Shift" and it would mean a lot if some of you check it out! We are working on three other albums at the same time now though, so we're keeping ourselves busy.


I'd try to explain our sound, but it is all over the place. Hope you enjoy!



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Perfect Time

I will be sampling the new Petal Aggression tonight as I dedicate Friday nights on KDX to programs about radio and material produced by low power radio stations.

"Phonic Shift" is a clever title that ties sound and music together.

Carl Blare

Just 2...

Anthony, just two in the band?

I'm always interested in recording technique.  I'll assume multi-track on the PC or did you record at a commercial studio.

When we had a studio it started out with a 16 channel, 4 buss, stereo mixer.  The 4 buss went to a 4 track tape recorder.  The stereo mix went to a PC program called SAW (Software Audio Workshop) a very early PC multi-track recorder.

Later I got Tascam DA-88 and DA-38 digital 8 track recorders.  Synced, I had 16 track digital recording.

Then onto Adobe Audition 3 software and a 24 channel MOTU sound card.  The board was upgraded from the Soundtech 1642 to a SoundCraft 40 channel, 8 bus with midi automation and lots of extras.

That studio closed when my son decided to switch to video production which he's been doing for quite a while now.  In a limited way, I still dabble in audio recording but mostly collect old multi-track tape machines.


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Your New Fan

That would be me. I like the music of Petal Aggression, having tried some of the samples on the link page.

Funny, I was unable to extract mp3 downloads from your tracks, must be some kind of guard software at work.

I'll look for you on YouTube.

Found something!

Petal Aggression stops by YouTube

Carl Blare

You have to hit "buy album"

You have to hit "buy album" and write in 0 if you want the WAV files for free, or whatever amount you want to give. You cannot get MP3s from bandcamp

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