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Systema and Systems

The workings of modern computers in radio stations taken overall is an elaborate sytem functioning by way of many sub-parts linked together.

My recent work on Windows XP running a Winamp based streaming and broadcasting radio station pulled me deep into its sytematics when some sub-part failed.

Another system was called into action, namely the human brain with its own labrinth of inter-operating functions.

Two days of brain work applied minute by minute and hour by hour brought us to last night, when we believed we had repaired and improved the radio sytem coming out of the computer.

But this morning we noticed that, although almost everything was performing well, one important malfunction was taking place and needed to be repaired. First attempts undid everything accomplished and left us inoperative and unable to re-start the station.

What's interesting to me now in writing about it is not the computer problem but rather the human mind which responded by refusing to think, given too many variables to contemplate all at once.

However, as time passed, the brain continued processing on its own while I turned to breakfast and dealing with anything but the computer as an escape from the roadblock of the moment.

What the brain did was sort through the wreckage first to explain to itself why the small failure occured and then why attempt to repair it caused other failures. Soon the brain pulled me back to action and gave me some starting ideas.

You can see where this is going. Yes, KDX is now back on the air and the digital rock garden seems to be organized just the right way.

Or so I think.

Victims of Technology...

To err is human.

To really foul things up takes a computer.

They are a great tool when they work.


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