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What happened with your radio station during 2017?

Anything really good happen? Any changes? Stories of day to day operation?

What about bad luck in 2017? How did you deal with the problem?

In fact, anything you want to say about your radio station or worldly experience will be reported just as you write it down here!

Blare OnAir Live from the TeamSpeak Open Room Saturday, December 30th, 7 PM EST, the 5th Saturday of the Month.

Show up in person or just post your story here!

The program will be posted in time for you to air it as the New Year Arrives!

I discovered that you'd best

I discovered that you'd best overcome the technical before considering broadcast content. Also, while learning all this is good, I'm wishing now that I had pursued electrical engineering to understand more of it now.




Mine went smooth as silk

From time to time added more things but no problems, just operates day and night. Picked up a listener with the mail girl when she's in the area.

Also the Bell technician came to install my new service with another provider for phone and internet and was very interested in the set up and took some pictures.

Other than that you never know who may be listening. There's enough population all around me.


2017 was a quiet year for my

2017 was a quiet year for my broadcasting.

The year started off with lots of energy, promise and ideas, but unfortunately few came to fruition, largely due to life in general (not mine, but those closest to me).

The biggest event was the shutdown of my Internet stream due to copyright concerns.  The material that I can stream legally is just not as interesting to me (as the primary listener) than moldy oldies that few have heard of.  And my stream is simulcast with what I broadcast.

2018 starts off with me residing in a new neighbourhood, with new possibilities.  Whether I pursue any of them is still up in the air, but I still intend to continue to broadcast, if only to myself (and potentially whatever BETS allows in my new area).

The future of any Internet stream remains up in the air for the forseeable future.  Although I am considering streaming over my local Intranet (but just not past my router).

2017 State of the Station Show is Released

The TeamSpeak Room was active with member stations last night each delivering his State of the Station Message for 2017.

Also we included the Entries posted up above on this thread.

Program length about 1-hour 21-minutes.


Carl Blare

Are you still on the island?

Are you still on the island?

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

All At Once

Blare OnAir is going LIVE from TeamSpeak in less than 30-minutes with a conversation following on our STATE OF THE STATION by looking ahead to this new so-called year of 2018.

No doubt we have plans and expectations, some might say "resolutions" as to how we'll make success out of practically nothing with Part 15 low power.

YOU are hereby given poermission to sluff-off at your job and join me on TeamSpeak.


Carl Blare

The Fruit of Our Labor

As advertised Blare OnAir broadcast live this afternoon from the TeamSpeak Open Room, inviting guests including Carl's impersonal assistant Flotilla DeGlued, new friend Maurice Princely who just passed his NPR audition, station attorney Stag Pinstripe, and audio operator Ned Steady.

For Use by All Low Power Stations.

Blare OnAir titled All At Once

If website is off try later.

Carl Blare

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