Phat Beats Radio Live Chat

I have setup a IRC chat room for my online radio station but we talk about anything related to part15 and internet radio check it out

IRC server Efnet channel #PhatBeatsRadio

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I still have this chat room up if anybody wants to chat about my internet radio station part 15 or pirate radio check it out.

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DJboutit you are competing with the ALPB Meeting which is going on right now on TeamSpeak.

That's where everybody is.

Carl Blare

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ALPB only does there chat like once a month my chat room is up 24/7

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Yes, The ALPB Meetings, which are real-time audio chats, are held twice a month.

The "MEETING ROOM" is open to members 24/7.  In fact Worldround Radio KDX produces shows there in which any member can be a part of the show.

There is also the "STL" room reserved for live remote broadcasts available to members.

We're not completing with anyone.  Simply offering a service to our members.  Your request for participants just happened to be our meeting time.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB

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The Phat Beats Radio Live Chat is a great idea and it would be welcome in my opinion if you posted a report every once in awhile about conversations that take place on the Chat.

Interactive uses of streaming technology might be the future evolution of radio and we can all learn from these ventures by the part 15 stations.

Thanks DJboutit and keep telling us how Phat Beats Chat is coming along.

Post your stream address so we can hear your station.

Carl Blare