The Part 15 Map of America

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The Part 15 Map of America
Well I've been pretty bored lately, so I started thinking about just how many part 15 stations there are in the USA. So, I began tinkering with Google, and have started making a map of the known part 15 stations in the USA. This is a work in progress, so new stations are added daily, take a look: Map of the known Part 15 stations in the USA

View Part 15 Stations Of America in a larger map
When I get things running again:

Mr. Crow, when I get my AM up and
running again, you can put me on there.
Hopefully in the spring.

Best Wishes,
Bruce, MICRO1690/1700, Connecticut


Friday Harbor tinyRadio

Great idea ... don't forget us ... Friday Harbor, WA 98250

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

Now that is pretty cool.

Now that is pretty cool. Great idea.
Thumbs up!

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Re: The Part 15 Map of America

Don't forget 1067 The Vibe FM Ilion NY ( )

Bob Carter - KC4QLP - WQJK414

Mid-Atlantic-Engineering-Service of Central NY

Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Part 15 map

Thanks for including Pleasant Gap Community Radio on the map!

Operating 24/7 at 1700 AM with the best of the 50's 60's and 70's!

"Modulating carriers since the '80s"

Thanks For Putting Me On

You've put my station on the map. Thanks.

Here is the link for my MRAM 1500 Webpage. Currently you have my in-home recording studio webpage link.

To "hit the nail on the head" for my location, check my station webpage coverage map. It shows exactly where my station is located.

by MRAM 1500 

Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Chairman - ALPB


Thanks for the feedback,
the fixing has been fixed and some more missing stations have been added
Remember, there's Hundreds of us! New stations are added daily.

Another One

Crow you are great for starting this idea.

I will link it on my site and promote it when I can.

And if you put me on it, although I am in the St. Louis area, I would prefer to be affiliated with Affton, Missouri, a town of real people working real jobs.

Carl Blare

Post the Map on the homepage

To promote the member stations of, I would suggest putting the link for the map on the home page of this web site. This could be a great tool for all of us.

Marsh Johnson, Sr. - North Bend, Oregon, USA

Agreed and


Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

And I almost forgot

SCWIS is located in Bellingham WA these days

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

I was just thinking.. This

I was just thinking.. This map could make a great resource for FCC agents.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

FCC Field Resource

You know, if you don't do any thing cross-wise regarding the FCC rules and regs and play the game by the rules, what would you have to worry about. I have had FCC licenses since 1967 (currently a GROL and an Amateur Extra Class) and I have learned It doesn't pay to mess with the FCC. The best place to hide anything, is out in the open. Just ask your kids.

Marsh Johnson, Sr. - North Bend, Oregon, USA

Let's ask
I'm guessing they do stop by here from time to time but I doubt they would bother with the map - they have some pretty serious RDF stuff so they probably don't need a map. The enforcement actions I've read seem to be complaint driven, then they just get out the van... Which is from this slide in an FCC Enforcement Bureau powerpoint If you have MS Office and Powerpoint, you can view the entire slideshow here.

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Well I really just said it in

Well I really just said it in jest.
Truth be told, there would be nothing better than getting a visit from an FCC agent and having your installation approved. That would be a real sense of security.
But man, it's still a scary thought.. and my biggest concern.

As for this map, I think it's great. The only reasons I haven't been asked to be added yet is
1. My new station is not what you would call in operation yet.
2. I not sure what to call it.. 5 years ago it was WTYB, but a Savannah station has since registered that call sign.

I'm considering either Tybee Community Radio, or maybe the Tybee Community Broadcast..
I'm thinking that by calling it "broadcast" instead of "radio" might help to kind of diversify it in the general public mind from a "real radio station", thus maybe lessening the chance of raising red flags for the big boys that could cause you trouble.

Anyway, I'll make a request to be added to this map soon enough.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Carl Blare

Hey Carl,
which station is yours?

As for the FCC and this map, the markers aren't intentionally placed exactly where the station is, only the City that it is in.

Reply to The Crow

Hi The Crow, thank you for asking about my part 15 station

kDX AM 1680, FM 107.1, located Affton, Missouri (St. Louis) which is the eastern edge of the state by Illinois and right in the middle.

I was just admiring how important the website looks now with the map!

There are more part 15s than I thought. This should bring more ads for

I once had a pet crow named Beast, and what interesting birds they are!

Carl Blare

Mentioning Crows...

Mentioning Crows...
There was this particular crow that used to hang around the pier and pavilion very frequently. I haven't seen him lately, but am told he still comes around. I think he must have used to be a pet because he was rather tame, and had a yellow band around one of his legs. We just called his "Sam".
I worked several years on the pier and became rather attached to this bird, he loved Dorito's. He wound loiter up on the outer rafters with all the other birds.. I usually kept a bag of Nacho Cheese Dorito's in jacket my pocket.. and as soon as I took them out he would see them and would dive down, swooping low across the picnic tables, startling people eating there and when he reached me he would land on my shoulder and let me feed him. It drew a lot of attention, I knew a lot of people video taped him with their phones, but I was never able to find any of those videos on utube or anything.
Well, it eventually got to the point that I couldn't even walk on the pier without him coming down and residing on my shoulder.. he would never let me pet him, but he wouldn't fly away either.

Well enough about birds!

Anyone else notice most of the part15 stations are in predominantly in the southern states? I wonder why.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Just a Guess

Maybe the broadcasters in the southern states want to communicate with the northern states. But that's just a guess.

Here in the Missouri area, which during the Civil War was sort of "too southern to be northern and vice versa," this is called "The Midwest," and has next to no part 15 stations. Right across the river Illinois has quite a few.

Someday every home will have its own personal radio station.

Carl Blare

Someday every home will have

Someday every home will have its own personal radio station.

Aww, say it isn't so! that would spoil a lot of the fun!

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Not to Worry

Don't worry, it's only my hopeless never to be realized dream.

But, what about one station on every block?

Carl Blare

Ze Map

Hey Carl, I added your station,
neat Story about the Crow's Rich

when I was making the map, the impression givin on me was most of the stations are in the whole mid-north-north-eastern US.
That and Washington has a ton of em.

KDSX Changes

Jim (the crow), hey when you get a change be sure to update my listing from 88.7 kdsx to 92.3 kdsx (if your able too). because of the pirate in town i officially moved the station to 92.3 Mc.

Andrew Bentley; Semi-Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters Magic 1680 AM-Sherman,Texas KDSX-LPAM, Proudly Serving West Central Grayson County Since October, 13 2007!



don't know where i'll be at

don't know where i'll be at yet. x band is really no good here in se denver and since i'm getting more of a carrier current effect from my rangemaster (soon to be replaced by sstran amt5k) low band will probably serve me better (travel betterand farther along wires for given power/Less 60hz hum)

KDSX Changes 2

hey Jim,

can you update my part 15 map listing for me?

i need the following things changed if you would please.

Can you change the title to Music Radio 92.3 KDSX The Radiator, Sherman, Texas

the format from Variety, Easy to Hot AC, Adult Album Alternative

and can you change the website from to please many thanks

Andrew Bentley; Semi-Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters Magic 1680 AM-Sherman,Texas KDSX-LPAM, Proudly Serving West Central Grayson County Since October, 13 2007!


KDSX has been updated

Radio Free Eureka

Hey, Crow...I'm ready to be added!

Radio Free Eureka is on 1680 AM, located in western Shorewood, Minnesota--a western suburb of Minneapolis, near Lake Minnetonka.

Doing old-time radio from Antioch Broadcasting Network at the moment, but I'll start adding local stuff as time goes on.

Paul Sadek
Radio Free Eureka
Coming soon to Shorewood, MN

RFE Added

Radio Free Eureka has been added, sorry for the delay.

Found One For You

Noticed that Tha Dood in Poca, West Virginia is not on the Map.

Tha Dood

1620 AM / 96.9 FM

Carl Blare


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