New Uses for Part 15 Transmitters

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New Uses for Part 15 Transmitters

2 nights ago I felt like tuning around the AM dial for something interesting to hear while my station, KDX, was off the air.

This proved to be a lost cause as the stations receivable in this area are dismal for poor programming and I reluctantly turned the radio off and went to sleep.

Today I solved the problem.

Given the fact that there are thousands of radio stations streaming on line, I have found that using my 1550 kHz transmitter to re-transmit some far off streaming station creates the desired sense of DXing interesting radio as I listen on a TECSUN receiver.

This new nighttime pastime has begun by listening to WWL New Orleans for a complete briefing on the dangerous hurricane Irma that presently is forecast to endanger the entire state of Florida! At the moment Irma has 180 mile-an-hour winds!