My 21 years on earth

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My 21 years on earth

I don't like to bring attention to myself for things I have nothing to do with really. However, today, Dec 16th, I turn 21. No I don't drink so I will not be getting wasted. 


However, I want a place to re-cap what these 21 years have taught me personally. Firstly, the weight of the world does not rest on my shoulders, so I need to stop being so goddamn anxious all the time. Secondly, no, a little unplanned adventure into Philly won't end up with me being mugged or killed. Thirdly, just because you have class doesn't mean you can't finish that roach beforehand. They DO know you're high, and they DO envy you. 


Nah but seriously, I'll be really honest with you all, since I trust and respect you all here. When I joined this fourm, I was in sumemr school for failing math in my sophmore year of high school. That was 2013. Obama was president, and I didn't even have my first kiss yet. I also, more importantly, had some serious therapy I was going through to deal with severe bullying I suffered throughout my childhood. I didn't recognise what I  should have though, because to admit I have depression and anxiety was too much for me. I felt like I was a pussy, or less than a man, for having it. Only emo kids have depression, I thought. (well it turns out I am emo too). I, now-a-days, regularly battle bouts of sadness and anxiety, but it's just how I am for now. I hope that by this time next year, I will be happier, more educated about myself and academically, and more accomplished than ever. 


Thank you all so much for accepting me as I am, and I love you all. I'll return you to our normal programming. 


Merry Christmas by the way!




First, Happy Birthday to you!  My mother's birthday (may she rest in Peace), was December 16, as is my youngest sister's birthday.

Secondly, I do have some experience with clinical depression.  My father-in-law, my Mother-in-law, my wife, my two daughtersl, my wife's sister, and her three daughters all have/had it. My experience with my wife was hell for a very long time.  The medications available 40 years ago such as Elavil and Triavil just weren't up to the task.  Eventually the right medications that actually helped my wife and daughters (Zoloft) were developed and our quality of life impoved tremendously.  Here's hoping that you also find the correct medication.  

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A-Train, it's always fun to hear from you because you are a creative force and always have something interesting going on.

I actually thought you were older because you have a maturity about you.

The fact that you don't drink is far more important to your future success than you might know... sad people who drink have a super double triple problem because they end up needing to drink and start missing work and dates because drinking wipes them out. So, simply never start drinking.

Coming soon I will be producing "The Sad Music Hour", bringing the saddest music ever written by mortal men. The reason that is a thing is that it reflects the sadness of the world in a way that proves you are onto something by seeing the world as it is... Companionship in knowing that others entered the same dark state of mind and actually took the effort to express it sublimely... by finding such agreement one ends up feeling "right" rather than "wrong'" and you will realize that grim emotions are a battery of creatyive energy that converts to dreams and accomplishments.

As a frosting on the cake I will link to select audiobook readings of the Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer, known as "the philosopher of pessimism'", because he wrote that the negative in life is the norm and any success, happiness or good health is the exception.

Emotions are a wild animal so we've got to be a little bit wild to deal with them.

Be at the ALPB meeting tonight?

Carl Blare

To a Colleague

Atrain Radio is somewhere in the world broadcasting and building upon experience, and as promised earlier in this thread we have for you a brief essay written by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

On the Vanity of Existence

Carl Blare

Somewhere In The World...

That's right here at WCFI-LP.

The ATrain pulls out every night at 11 pm with the best Classic and Indie Rock.

You have come a long way my friend.  I remember when you were first introduced here, looking for some answers and a little help. 

Your programs improved greatly in short order and - you have your own show on your College radio station.

We've met in person at the SWL Winter Fest and put on a show about license free, low power broadcasting.  Quite a crowd and they were impressed with you.  You have much to offer.

Here's looking forward to the next ATrain live on WCFI-LP.


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