KEBS Radio & Records Goes Worldwide!

OK.  So. Last week on Friday a reporter from the TV station came to the record store (the office space I used for the station) and interviewed me and shot a ton of video.  She was with us for a couple hours. 

Told me the 1-2 minute featurette would be on Thursday nights news (last night). Well, it was.  I don't think I came off like too much of a dork.  You can watch it here:


A friend of mine just messaged me that she was in the lounge at the Minneapolis airport waiting for a flight and saw the story on CNN!

I checked.  CNN picked up the story.  It's on TV's all over the country.  Yeesh. It's kind of freaky actually.  My daughter saw it out in North Carolina. 

Don't know that I'll get a lot of customers from other states, LOL.

Some stories did mention that this was the office for my station and I opened a store in space I was already leasing, so I small Part 15 plug I guess.  I don't think it's in this video however. 

At least I was wearing my Bo Diddley T-Shirt so I have a little bit of a cool factor.



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we get to see part of where you

live and what you are doing.

I have always enjoyed it when

somebody from this Part 15 board

puts up something like this. When

we read your posts now, we'll

have a frame of reference for

the person who is TIB.

I would put a video, if I could.

Of course the CNN thing is huge,


Brooce Part 15 Hartford


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Finally we'll see if major notoriety brings NOUO's.

That's been the buzz forever.

By the way, nice piece...


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The station isn't really even mentioned in any of the stories. 

And the station itself has been covered in several newspaper pieces over nearly 4 years all over the state. 


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And it turns out TV stations are doing re-writes with their own version of the story all over the country. 

This is my favorite so far (despite it's inaccuracies)



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So - in many or most of these TV video

clips -  the KEBS Part 15 station isn't 

mentioned.  Right?  And a great many people

don't know what 4 letter FCC broadcast

callsigns are.  (KXXX or WXXX, whatever.)

So maybe, Tim - - most people will

think that your last name is Kebs

and that the store is named after

you.  Tim Kebs.  That's not so bad.

As for the frequency - if anyone

sees that maybe they will just draw

a blank.  I didn't see 1620 (isn"t that

what it is?)  in that last clip you put

up here.

The store sounds like a wonderful

place.  I wish I could see it up close.

Brooce Part 15 Hartford


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The Chairman of the ALPB joined me for a Celebration of the Summer Solstice on a Special Edition of Blare OnAir. Bob Felmly said he was "broadcasting from his shop."

For a brief moment I thought it was the next big story in a part 15 station going into retail trade.

But when I asked what was on sale Bob explained it was his work shop and nothing was for sale.

Carl Blare

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What a wonderful story about your record store Tim. I see why all the hoopla about music licensing you definitely promote artists in the best way possible. Too bad though they don't talk about your station a little bit.


 I suppose the news station assumes the public would know that you are running a radio station out of that store based on the call letters. Or this could be THEY don't know Hobby Broadcasting is legal or it even exists at all.

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