Full recording of A-Train and Andy live on WCFI this past weekend

Here's the full two hours of bad music and even worse attempts at comedy! 



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Hello ATrain it's been a few months since we crossed paths.

Happy to know you and Andy are making regular appearances on WCFI-LPFM.

Soon I'll be carrying some of your shows on KHZ AM 1640 The Official Indoor Antenna Experimental Station running from an AMT3000 transmitter.

Yes, I'm going into competition with myself. I'll be programming two stations at the same time and tune back and forth between them.

Carl Blare

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Hey Carl glad to cross your path again!!

Yes, we just start this regular sunday night show at the very end of Feburary. Most of the time Andy joins me, but either way, I go on sunday nights from 10-midnight edt for two hours of barely professional fun.. 


Anyway, I'm hoping the show will gain some infamy amongst the hobbyist community. Spread the word, er, radio waves, er internet link.

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