Dick Orkin, creator of Chicken Man Passes Away

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Dick Orkin, creator of Chicken Man Passes Away

I thought someone might have posted thi by now, but apparently not.  I listened to Chicken Man every day back in high school.  Classic stuff indeed. The man was a legend.



The Orkin Man

Great loss from the dwindling population of great radio personalities.

After reading the news clipping linked above I'm very much impressed that Dick Orkin is among the special few who made a success of being a creative radio person.

It's up to us now to keep the light on in the radio.

Carl Blare

Sad to hear this

As you all know as I have posted I have around 60 episodes of Chickenman that runs at random on my station.


The "Dick and Bert (Bertrand)

The "Dick and Bert (Bertrand)" spots for Time Magazine and RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) were priceless!! As announcers back in the 70s/80s....we actually looked forward to hearing these ads!!

They could be (and often WERE.....) a bright spot during our shift!!

A Man Who Took a Stand

Here is an interesting glimpse into the moral convictions of Dick Orkin:

If he's in then I'm out

Carl Blare

I used to listen to the radio

I used to listen to the radio all the time as new episodes of Chickenman and The Tooth Fairy were rolled out and broadcast locally (in the Toronto area).  They reminded me of the cartoon Roger Ramjet (which was a favorite of mine as I was growing up - there, I've shown my age).

Chum in Toronto

Radio station CHUM 1050 had them in Toronto....never heard the Tooth Fairy.

So Back then you lived in Toronto?

But thousands of stations ran the episodes in the late 60s and 70s.

On Chum in Toronto Chickenman was brought to you by Shopsies all beef Franks(was some kind of hot dog)

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