Daytime Radio Landscape in Central Florida

This is the AM radio landscape in my area (Tampa Bay)

Talk means any talk, sports, politics religion etc.

Music means any music genre.

Variety means anything goes

540 T

570 T

620 T

640 M

680 M

720 T

760 T

790 T

820 T

860 T

910 T

950 T

970 T

990 T

1010 T

1030 T

1080 T

1130 M

1150 M

1170 M

1200 M

1230 M

1250 T

1300 M

1350 T

1380 T

1400 T

1430 T

1450 T

1470 M

1490 M

1500 T

1550 T

1570 M

1600 M

1680 M

1710 V

Note: Much of the talk was from the same source. A waste of spectrum.

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My little bit of Texoma/North Texas looks like this:

540 Spanish

570 Talk

600 Talk

620 Talk

660 Talk

700 Asian Talk/Music

730 Asian Music

750 Music

770 Music

820 Talk

850 Spanish Talk

910 Talk

990 Spanish Music

1040 Music

1080 Talk

1110 Spanish Music

1160 Talk

1190 Talk

1230 Music

1250 Music

1270 Spanish Music

1310 Talk

1400 Music

1420 Music

1440 Spanish Sports

1480 Asian Music

1490 Music

1500 Music

1580 Music

1600 Ethnic Variety

1630 Music

1670 Music

1700 Spanish Music

Note: 850 and 910 air the same programming but in different languages. Both carry the same identical Catholic programming simultaneously however 850 carries the Spanish Feed while 910 carries the English Feed.

Out of all these only 820, 1080, 1400, 1420, and 1670 are strong enough to be considered "local". The rest are listenable but noticeably weaker, 1230 is the stronger of the "weaker" bunch.

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Well, at least you have more music than the Central Florida wasteland. :-) 

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550(buffalo) sports

590 sports

610 talk

640 talk

680 news

740 music

820 talk

900 talk

930(buffalo) talk

970(buffalo talk

1010 talk

1050 sports

1150 sports

1250 religeous

1430 multicultural

1540 multicultural

1580 music

1610 multicultural

1650 multicultural

1690 multicultural





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The vast majority of these stations are Talk. That's why AM is in the dumper. No variety - Little Music

Druid Hills Radio AM-1610- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC. We do not censor free speech and hide public information.

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Admittedly there is a ton of music on AM where I'm at, better yet its not all bad music either.

750 & 1230 (Oldies)

770 & 1500 (Adult Standards)

1250 & 1400 & 1420 & 1490 (Classic Country)

1400 is kind of all over the place musically, 1420 is 80s/90s Country, 1490 is 60s/70s Country.

Of the music AMs 750, 1400, 1420, 1490, and 1500 have FM translators.

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There is an attitude in St. Louis that everyone wants to hear about sports at all times with little else on anyone's mind. Even so, there were more sports stations for awhile, but new management is always quick on the draw to change formats when ratings sag.

Categories: C = Christian; S/T = Sports/Talk; E = Ethnic; M = Music; CW = Country Western; RR = Rockn'Roll; V = Variety; P = Pending.

550  S/T


630  C

690  C

770  E

850  C

880  E

920  S/T

970  V

1010  C

1080  C

1120  S/T

1190  M CW

1260  T

1320  C

1380  C

1430  M RR

1460  C

1490  T

1510  E

1550  V

1570  T

1600  C

1640  V

1680  V

1710  P

Note:  All four Variety stations are KDX frequencies. The station Pending is also one of mine, under development.

Carl Blare

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Seems Christian dominates the airwaves in St Louis.

Seems a strong message is on the agenda there.





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Mark notices:  "Seems Christian dominates the airwaves in St Louis."

It's even worse on FM.

There has got to be big money in it somehow otherwise they'd all go "belly up".

It's interesting to analyze the different kinds of religious stations.

There are those that sell air time to preacher whanna-bes who do home-spun sermons, those which are religious corporations that peddle christian "product", and the mainstream denominations like Catholic and Lutheran.

KDX has a deal for christian programs... we will carry them for $250 an hour.

For over a hundred years philosophers and scientists have known that there is no such thing as a human "soul", but the religions continue pushing the false-myth because without it they could not offer "salvation of souls".

And of course ordinary people could not possibly end up "saved" on their own, the only formula known to succeed is a paid subscription to a church.

My sister and I have long contemplated starting a radio church and spending the rest of our lives lying to people for the generous contributions.

Carl Blare

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I assume you're all using Radio Locator to find these?

For beautiful Downtown Bovey there are 9 AM stations listed.

Now, I've lived here for over 20 years. You can't get 9 AM stations with any sort of reliability.

4 of the 9 are in Duluth/Superior. That's 75-90 miles away depending on the station. Between the Mesaba Iron Range and the hills in Duluth none of those stations come in here except with very good radios and the right conditions.   One of those 9 is in Park Rapids. Over 70 miles away.  It doesn't come in here at all.  One is in Aitkin, might come in if the wind is blowing right. 

Of the remaining three, one is the one I work for, one is 30 miles away in Hibbing. We're oldies/news/sports they're all talk. The third I haven't been able to tune in for a while.

My station (the full power) and the Hibbing station are the only ones that lock on with the scan feature on any AM radio I've owned, home or car, since we've lived here.  BAsically the only two valid stations here are on 1320 and 650. 

That's why my little Part 15 works so well. I'm not fighting a crowded dial.


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Tim in Bovey wonders:  "I assume you're all using Radio Locator to find these?"

True, I got mine from Radio Locater but I left out the stations that are not received here, which was about 5 stations.

My stations are "received here" only if I'm in a small part of here... they are not received in Greater Metropolitan Here.

Carl Blare