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Sometimes I'm not paying attention! This past month of July marked the 4 year anniversary for Iron Range Country Radio aka KEBS-AM!

That's four years continuous broadcasting.  Still running on the same iMac, with the same Megaseg software and with zero downtime at all.  The computer has yet to as much as burp, the Procaster remains solid on frequency, the field strength readings remain constant, and the UPS has kept the computer and transmitter running through a few power failures with no problem.

Not too bad!

And for the record, the polka show I started specifically to use on my own station, which I now offer to any station who would like to broadcast it, is now on 27 stations nationwide, including Part 15, college, LPFM, and commercial AM and FM stations, and a couple streaming polka channels, and 175 shows have been produced, never missing a week.  BTW all the shows can be downloaded along with their playlists at the ALPB website. (well, I think it's always behind by the current week but they're not in the archive yet). It's FREE, there's no catch.

Another successful year!


Iron Range Country is the Top of the List

Among many great Part 15 radio stations KEBS may rank as the most succesful of the bunch!

Tim, you are providing a standard for all the stations to look up to and we share in the Anniversary achievement!

Move the tables aside and let's all polka!

Carl Blare

Polka show

Hi Tim,

I'd be happy to carry your Polka show if it's available by stream. Until I retired last winter I regularly commuted between my MI home and office to my "real" home in PA. I would cruise the AM BCB stations along the way and discovered quite a few stations in PA broadcasting Polka music!

So I conclude it will be popular in PA.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

No Stream

Well, I don't stream anything.  But it's a convenient  mp3 download, updated every Sunday morning.  The link never changes so you can download it every week from the same link



Hi Tim - Great Job!

Very cool that you are having fun with your

station and that it has been running so well.

Your polka show is very good and I love your

announcing style.  Your announcing reminds

me of a guy I heard in the 1960s - I don't remember

the station, tho.

Keep those "33 and a third" LPs flying.

Brooce, Part 15 Hartford


Tim did some great voice work

Tim did some great voice work for our LPFM.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

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