Thanksgiving Songs

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Thanksgiving Songs

OK, there aren't a lot of Thanksgiving songs (except a few hymms) so here's a couple.  Neither of which require licensing to broadcast.  The first, written and performed by my Son, back when he was about 16.  We complained that there weren't any good Thanksgiving songs, so he popped up to his room, wrote this, and recorded it.  He has used the advantage of multitrack recording and played all the instruments himself, bass, guitar, snare with brushes, and vocals. He was recording under the name of Ryan Vee at the time....


And here's one from a friend of mine, Steve Goodie.  Same deal, except he's a full time pro and did this up specifically for radio people...


So there ya go...



It's About Time

Thankfulness Deserves All the Trimmings

The missing ingredient from the Thanksgiving Holiday has been dedicated songs.

Even Easter has at least one popular song, but Thanksgiving has been all about food, with shopping more recently tacked on.

Enter Tim from Bovey with a Thanksgiving Song!

Thank you!

Carl Blare

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