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Solar Eclipse Edition of

Solar Eclipse Edition and the return of The Little Things Radio Show from Blue Bucket Radio.

We had a couple problems with the gear but over came most of the trouble and banged out a pretty great okay show. There is a hum at the beginning that we were not able to hear as our monitoring section (headphones) failed on us.. 

Visit to download or stream the show.



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Liked your outdoor setup.

Liked your outdoor setup. Downloaded the episode but haven't listened yet.

Here we were suppposed to have up to 98% eclipse, but it was so overcast all day and never saw the sun. The highlight just looked like it was going storm or something, so here it wasn't nearly as spectacular as it would have been with clear sky.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

The Eclipse at the Internet Building

KDX carried C-SPAN Radio all day eclipse coverage.

In the evening we broadcast "The Little Things Show" with Barry and Stephanie. (I hope I'm spelling Stephanie correctly. I knew how to spell it yesterday).

Carl intentionally spent the eclipse indoors to observe what conditions would be like, and it became so dark we could not move around without bumping into furniture.

Outdoors on the deck we recorded the audio ativity which I just listened to this morning, and the crickets are heard to start chirping, a neighbor whistled loudly, other people set off concussive fire works.

An airplane dominated most of the eclipse, maybe a science plane.

The eclipse audio track will be linked here later today.

This morning we have a lengthy rain with very dark conditions.

Carl Blare

Memories of the 2017 Eclipse

Carl Blare

Just for fun

Our view from the remote (1000 feet from our house) studio and some crescent symbols from the eclipse through the trees.


 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664

How Soon They Forget

All these hurricanes have quickly taken our attention away from the amazing solar eclipse, but a radio friend asked me "Where is the Blare OnAir program taken during the eclipse?"

Post # 4 above contains that link but hold on, there's a lot more.

Going back to the beginning of this thread Barry and Stephanie did a fabulous live outdoor coverage of the eclipse on "Return of The Little Things Show".

Also, I did a pre-eclipse and a post eclipse set of shows.

This link will take you to Nirvana, where all the Blare shows and tons of Low Power Resources are found.

Entrance to Low Power Radio Super Center

Carl Blare

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