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Radio Survior interviews HobbyBroadcaster

I don't see it mentioned here, but a few weeks ago Radio Survivor interviewed Bill Defelice in Podcast #120 – Have Your Own Tiny Radio Station"First conceived in the 1930s, there is a type of tiny little radio station that anyone can operate legally, without a license. Bill DeFelice of joins the show to tell us about so-called ‘Part 15’ radio stations, and how you can get on the air today, to broadcast around your house, or even your neighborhood."

This hour long episode is excellent! And what's more, all Radio Survivor episode are also free-to-air on part15 stations:


OOps, it has been metioned

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Here By the Holidays

Great to hear from Rich Powers after a long silence!

Excellent that you revived the news about Radio Survivors Bill DeFelice edition which does indeed present an appealing look at part 15 hobby radio.

We need as much supportive mention as possible to fortify us against the Republican FCCs continuing threats aimed at "unlicensed pirate radio" without bothering to clarify that part 15 unlicensed radio is legal.

Rich Powers, hope you'll be around more often!

Carl Blare

Enjoyed it Thoroughly

I listened, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's wonderful to hear our hobby being discussed on different outlets other than the forums we normally use. It brings Part 15 to a wider audience.

My installation is in an urban environment, with some obstacles to good coverage - limited land space for grounding at the transmitter site, trees and buildings nearby, and a relatively high noise level. I have plans this year for a better connection to ground to improve the coverage, but even as it is, I walk round my neighborhood some days and marvel at how I am allowed to engineer and program a little station that goes out on the same airwaves as the big boys. I'm playing in the same sandbox as them - and legally too! It feels quite miraculous.

Anything like this interview with Bill can only help our cause. Promoting compliant Part 15 operation is, I think, an effective way to draw a clear distinction between us and pirate operators, and that's what Bill does.

Dave Richards

Oakland, California

I'll have to check it out too

I'll have to check it out too when I get the chance to do so.  At least AM you can get some range as I have seen with the Rangemaster and the Procaster.


Maybe it will finally show how Hobby Broadcasting is really not a bad thing and well we'll hope something good could come from this.  Till then the propaganda machine keeps on grinding and steam rolling over Hobby Radio.

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More Power for Hobby Broadcasters

Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this.  I must have missed Carl's original post. I really enjoyed this interview!

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

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