Oompah Hour #197

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Oompah Hour #197

Sorry, I'm a few minutes behind posting the show this week, but Oompah Hour #197 is ready to go and at the usual link:

As I type this the actual temperature here is -27 below zero, and the windchill factor is -70.  I like to think it's not only slowing ME down, but slowing the movement of data through the interwebs!  LOLNo more Christmas music, back to regular Oompah format!  Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Tim's Oompah Hour #197 Week of December 31 2017 – January 6, 2018


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar


Polish Power – Dick Pillar


All I Ever Need Is You – Windy City Brass


No Beer Today – Don Peachey & His Orchestra


Polka Rock – Joe Resetar Orchstra


Schatzie – Whoopee John & His Orchestra


Just Another Polka – Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra


Okey Dokey – Tommy Reder & His Orchestra


Look How Funny I Am – Joe Marmalich & His Marjon Recording Orchestra


Springtime Polka – Jumpin' Jerry & The Balz Boys


One More Dance – Franie Yankovic & His Yanks


Polka-Town Hop – Ray Bubzilek & The Polka-Town Boys


Zippy Polka – Ray Henry & His Orchestra


Happy Clarinets Polka – Hank Haller Orchestra


All Too Soon Polka – Elegants


Lucky Lucky Polka – Lolita


My Polish Girlfriend – The Polka Sharps


Auld Lang Syne – Li'l Wally & The Harmony Boys


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar