Oompah Hour #194

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Oompah Hour #194

Here we go! The Christmas polkas increase in density!  If you ever wanted to hear "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" sung in Polish, here's your chance!Plenty of old tyme holiday cheer in this week's show and more to come!  Grab it at the usual link:


And just a reminder to those of you who are like "what the heck is the "Oompah Hour?"  It's a one hour long show of old tyme (mostly polka) music with an actual host (me) that is presented weekly as an mp3 download.  All the music on the show comes from vintage vinyl and the show is recorded live from start to finish each week.  The show is 100% free for any station to carry, Part 15, LPFM, college, commercial, public radio, etc. The show contains three "commercials" one for the International Polka Association, and one for A World of Accordions Museum, both of which are non-profit organizations and these are actually, technically PSA's.  There is also a commercial for KEBS Records, my record store, which is in the show meant to be heard by my local listeners, and if necessary, or if you prefer, you are more than welcome to edit that spot out of the show. It's always at about the :50 mark in the show and follows the IPA spot.  If you decide to carry it, and you shoot me an email ( I'll add yo to the mailing list and you'll receive ONE email a week, with the update alert and an attachment of the playlist.  Also, the ALPB has very generously kept an archive page of ALL the shows, so if you wanted (and were a little crazy) you could follow those links and get EVERY show since the beginning!  The show is ALWAYS at the same link for downloading, so if you have software that will automatically download the show you only have to set it up once, as it'll always be at that link. Handy! The show is 99.999% of the time uploaded before 8 AM on Sunday mornings and is the show for that week until the following Saturday, e.g. this weeks show is expected to play from today (Sunday the 10th) through and including Saturday the 16th. 



Tim's Oompah Hour #194 Week of December 10 – 16, 2017


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar


Red Raven Polka – Louie Bashell & His Silk Umbrella Orchestra


Tap Room Polka – Six Fat Dutchmen


Too Fat Polka – Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks


Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones


Put Me In Your Heart To Stay – Eddie Habat & His Orchestra


Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells & The Red Raven Orchestra


That Good Old Christmas Polka – The Happy Times


My Fair Lady Polka – Larry Chesky


Springtime In The Rockies Polka – Russ Brothers Orchestra


Caroling On Christmas Eve – Vern Meisner


Cuzzin Stan Polka – Frank Wojnarowski Orchestra


E.I.E.I.O. Polka – Deutschmeisters


Peanuts Polka – Jolly Fishermen


Alice Polka – Bernie Witkowski & His Silver Bell Orchestra


Roseanne Polka No. Two – Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks


Round and Round The Christmas Tree – Marv Herzog


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar