Oompah Hour #190

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Oompah Hour #190

Welcome to Oompah Hour #190It's at the usual link of course: week's show takes on a Minnesota flavor as two legendary Minnesota performers are included who have never been on the show before.Jimmy Jensen (pronounced a Yimmy Yensen by the Swedes up here) and Bobby Aro - King of the Great North Woods (Pronounced Arrow by the Finlanders up here). Bobby was a legendary figure in the radio up here in Northern Minnesota, so much so that the local TV station did a one hour documentary on him.If you're curious and would like to kill an hour learning about small local Minnesota radio in the good ol' days it's on Youtube at:

Tim's Oompah Hour #190 Week of November 12-18 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

You Name It Polka – Marshall Lackowski

Sock it To Me Polka – The Naturals

Just a Little Lefsa – Jimmy Jensen

Baby Doll Polka – Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks

At The Olde Cafe – The Polka Dots

Polka Radio – Johnny Prill

Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells & The Red Raven Orchestra

Hello Stash Polka – Li'l Wally & The Polka All Stars

The Laughing Song – Whoopee John Wilfahrt Orchestra

Red Roses For a Blue Lady Poka – Benny Boc and his Orchestra

No. 7 Schottische – Bobby Aro

Ski Waltz – Lawrence Duchow & His Red Raven Orchestra

Springtime Polka – Harmony Kings Polka Band

Shoeshine Polka – Dynasticks

Tijuana Tumble – Johnny Dyno and his Orchestra

It Took Me All Night To Get Home Last Night – Whoopee John & His Orchestra

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar