Oompah Hour #178

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Oompah Hour #178

Here it is, the much anticipated Oompah Hour #178.  Exactly who was anticipating it, I'm not sure :)But it's up and ready for action at the usual link:

Tim's Oompah Hour #178 Week Of August 20 - 26th 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Dancing Dolls Polka – Billy Sparko & His Orchestra

Play A Song For me Polka – Eddie Forman Orchestra

Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells and the Red Raven Orchestra

Parkway Polka – Sam Lugliano's Slovene Orchestra

Tiny Bubbles – The Chmielewski Brothers

Skinny Minnie Polka – Sonny Daye

Skinny Minnie – Bill Haley & His Comets (short clip)

Dee Shell Polka – Michigan Polka-Tels

Hello Joe Polka – Whoopee John & His Orchestra

Too Fat Polka – Slim Bryant

Just Another Polka – Ron Harvey Orcheestra

Beer Barrel Polka – Roy Graham Combo

Jet Polka – Earl Schmidt Band

Hot Pants – Li'l Wally “Mr. Happiness”

Bounce Polka – Gene Heier & His Orchestra

Clarinet Polka – Leo Greco

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar