Oompah Hour #177

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Oompah Hour #177

Here we go with Oompah Hour #177.  One of those shows where beer seems to be the topic of the day!

You can download at the usual link of course,  Just a reminder, to ignore my earlier alert about next weeks show being posted early.  My pending surgery has been postponed until who knows when, so Oompahing will continue on schedule for the foreseeable future.  Tim's Oompah Hour Show #177 Week of August 13-19th 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Polka Joy – Li'l Wally & The Harmony Boys

Love Sick Polka – Happy Richie & His Royalaires

Life is Good Polka – Joe Fiedor & The Invicta's

Roller Coaster Polka – Jolly Lumberjacks

Henrietta Polka – Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks

Bavarian Schottische – Gene Gwisdala & His Orchestra

No Beer in Heaven – Art Walunas and his Orchestra

Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells & The Red Raven Orchestra

Bartender Song – Dick Rodgers & His TV Recording Orchestra

Who's Gonna Love You – Johnny Vadnal

Walking With Mary Polka – Ray Jay and the Carousels

Wandering Waltz – Frankie Kramer Orchestra

St. Paul's Bull Frog – The Litt'l Fishermen of Texas

Singing Hills Polka – Jake Derlink

Two Eddies Polka – Elmer Scheid

Son of a Miner Polka – Pennsylvania Good Times

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar