Oompah Hour #154

It's not like you weren't expecting it!  Oompah Hour #154 awaits your ears at the usual link:

 http://www.ironrangecountry.com/oompahhour.mp3  This week we have polkas about potholes, Polish girlfriends, bikinis, and beer.  There's always beer.  In fact, the Chardon Polka Band is getting ready to launch a TV show (!) and here's a little clip about polkas, and beer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZVwPvm6OKw  Now, sadly, I don't play them on the show. Why? Because they're NEW polka music. The Oompah Hour is all polka OLDIES! (I know, crazy, right)?  But I love these guys. So watch some of their videos if you get bored.  

Tim's Oompah Hour #154 Week of february 26 – March 4th, 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Freckle Face Polka – Razzberry Reynolds Polka Band

Michelob's Polka – Gary Kent Orchestra

Wisconsin-Club Polka – Corky Horban & The Belvederes

She Don't Wanna - Don Peachey & His Orchestra

Dance With Me Polka – Milan Racanovic Orchestra

Jadzia Polka – Johnny Bud & His Orchestra

Hot Pretzels – Bernie Wyte

Beer Barrel Polka – Glahe' Musette Orchestra

Our Car Does The Pothole Polka – Marta Miskiewicz

Wandering Waltz – Frankie Kramer Orchestra

Parkway Polka – Sam Pugliano's Slovene Orchestra

You Can't Expect Kisses From Me – Bernie Roberts Orchestra

That's Why You Remember Waltz – Jerry Intihar

My Polish Girlfriend – The Polka Sharps

Itsy Bitsy Polka – Walt Cieslik and his Musical Ambassadors

Polka Minor – The Buffalo Brass

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar


 Tim Edwardsoompahhour@aol.com

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OK, apparently I can't count.  This week's program (uploaded yesterday) should have been labeled Oompah Hour #153, NOT 154. I don't know if I typo'ed and then believed myself, or if I just can't count!

 Anyway, it's still the program for this week but next week when you receive the REAL #154 don't be confused! And If you print and/or save the playlists, might want to scratch out the 154 and change it to 153! Oompah On!TIBoompahhour@aol.com