Oompah Hour #152

Oompah Hour #152 awaits your downloads!

Lots of new (old) songs again, plenty of outfits you haven't heard yet including a slightly "naughty" song!  And an especially enthusiastic rendition of "That Good Ol' Mountain Dew" Another show that butts right up to the hour mark! So be prepared!Available at the customary link:  http://www.ironrangecountry.com/oompahhour.mp3   

Tim's Oompah Hour #152 Week if February 19 – 25, 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Melo-Dee Polka – Johnnie Stavins & His Orchestra

Merry Maiden Polka – Doc Williams and His Border Riders

Ozark Polka – Marv Herzog

Dominique – Li'l Wally & The Harmony Boys

Hot Dog Polka – Alvyn Styczynski

Flute Polka – Johnny Lipinski & His Orchestra

Pennsylvania Lovers Polka – Polka John & His Happy Sound

Deep Valley Schottische – Fezz Fritsche

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka – Stanky and his Pennsylvania Coal Miners

Utica Polka – The Buffalo High Notes

Sweet Memories Waltz – Eddie Wojcik Orchestra

On Our Way Polka – New Yorkers

Polish Power Polka – V-Tones

Return To Me – Floyd Grocholski & The Li'l Naturals

That Old Mountain Dew – The Jolly Two

Doodle De Polka – Johnny Pecon

I Ain't Got No Time Polka – John Gutowski Trio

Playful Boys Polka – Frank Yankovic

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar