News Talk Serves Disaster Scenes

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News Talk Serves Disaster Scenes

Interesting that all the 50,000 Watt AM stations followed in the last few weeks from here at KDX Worldround Radio have been iHeart stations.

Outside of our own scheduled hours KDX has relayed news/talk on the calamity spreading across the Gulf shores from Hurricanes Harvey and now Irma, from stations in Corpus Christy, San Antonio, Houston, Miami and now Tampa.

WFLF AM 540 50 kW Tampa is a maze of AM & FM outlets at full power and by translator stations.

Read about WFLF

Also, while at Wikipedia, search WGTO, the original call sign for WFLF, a historic top 40 station.

At YouTube you can find a tour of the WGTO 50 kW transmitter building back in the 1990s.