My Free License Free Christmas Song -- My "gift" To you...

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My Free License Free Christmas Song -- My "gift" To you...

OK, never before shared beyond the listenership of my commercial radio morning show.

I had actually posted this in the thread about Christmas music but realized though of you not following it woul dmiss this rare opportunity.

I do from time to time offer up my unique vocal stylings to my listeners, and I did this Christmas song a few years ago.  Now, available exclusively to the readers of this Part 15 forum.

You don't even need a music license to broadcast this, since the song itself dates back to the 1500's so it's deeply entrenched in the Public Domain,  and the lyrics in this version are by me, and I hearby give you all permission to broadcast it as much as you can stand it.  It contains valuable shopping advice.



That Tim is truly funny!!!

That Tim is truly funny!!!

That beats Bob Rivers - Twisted Christmas... Well sort of.  I may play this around christmas just for kicks on The Legacy.

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