Make Your Own Jingles

Months ago I purchased the "Instant Radio Station" set.  It's a data DVD with thousands of jingle pieces in mp3 to mix and match and build jingles, etc.  (It used to be sold as a CD set but in mp3 form it easily fits on a dvd)

It's not a cheap set at all, but since I can use it on a total of four different stations it's feasible.  Well, heck, here's the link:


But when you look at what it costs to have jingles produced, even if you can build five useable cuts out of this you're ahead.

Anyway, diddling around last night I finally pieced together a few quick ones.  Not bad for a first try:




Now, I cheated here as the music bed and jingle sing out I swiped from an old jingle demo I had around.  But there are ample music beds of all types in the IRS package too.  anyway, I'm gonna slip 'em in occasionally.

The production wizard computer geek young'ens at the full powers have built all sorts of things. 

But ther potential is there for a lot of good stuff.



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but $500.00 is way out of my budget right now. need to pay down some credit cards before i can make anymore large purchases.

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I use generic ones without a station or call letters mentioned but they are hard to find.



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I have used IRS for a long time.  I bought the original five CD set which was $99.  I made extensive use of the acapellas and the jingles.  Each of the five CDs have a Track 99, which is one long cut of jingles, acapellas and sonovox.  You just have to extract the pieces you want and build them into a jingle. 

I have wanted the DVD set, but I'm going to have to save up my change for a long time before I can buy.