The Low Power Hour

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The Low Power Hour

The Low Power Hour is a program series hosted by one of this forum's frequent contributors, Carl Blare. The Low Power Hour is the radio program all about legal unlicensed broadcasting authorized by FCC rules Part 15, and the people who operate AM, FM, carrier current, shortwave or long wave stations as a business or hobby, including reports on the equipment and technology that makes it possible. The Low Power Hour is produced by KDX Worldround Radio in Association with Part15 us.

The programs contain a wealth of information from Carl's experiences as well as interviews with people who are actively involved with low power unlicensed broadcasting. Carl's interviews are not only informative but are done in a relaxed and conversational manner unique to him. Add to this his humor and knowledge about radio in general and the result is a very entertaining program for the radio enthusiast.

As of the Spring of 2014 there are 89 one hour programs available for download from The Low Power Hour. New programs are frequently being added so be sure to check the link often.