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While it might be a little pricey for Part 15 operators we are successfully using the re-branded Live365 server for our LPFM. They make available several ways to listen.

Webpage USA ONLY:

Direct Link Outside USA:

Licensed Player USA ONLY:

They also have several html players that you can embed on your website.

Prices vary based on TLH. In our case we spend $79 per month with no ad insertion from Live365. They pay royalties to all licensing folks in the United States. Many more features. This is just for info purposes. We are pretty happy with them after our first month of streaming.

Welcome Back Live365

If there are a top 10 of professional full-service streaming services no doubt Live 365 is near the top.

I'll be looking to see what they offer for non-music streamers.

The ALPB, at the leadership of Chairman Bob Felmly, is planning a mini seminar on radio streaming, and we'll want to include Live365 among the services we talk about.

Carl Blare

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